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A few decades ago, a golfer, preparing for the game, collected a weighty bag. He took at least 25 clubs with him on the field. Later, a rule was introduced, according to which the maximum number of clubs that a player has the right to use in one match is 14. In total, today there are about three dozen varieties of this main equipment for Golf. And it is very important to be able to choose them correctly, because Golf clubs directly affect the course of the game, and its result.

Golf club

A putter is a special device with which a golfer strikes the ball. It is a projectile consisting of a handle, head and connecting element (metal or plastic rod). The handle is the upper part of the projectile, designed to grip. On top it is covered with leather or rubber. The head — the “shock” part of the club-consists of the neck, toe, heel, front and sole, covered with grooves. The heads can be of different sizes, depending on the type of projectile.

Golf clubs are made of different materials, they have different sizes and colors.


Anyone who wants to learn the game, will certainly be interested in the question: what is the name of a Golf club? So, these shells are divided into groups depending on the range of impact, and each of the groups has its own name. Here are the most common groups of clubs:

Golf club Driver driver. The club is intended for the most distant blow (as a rule, the first). It has the largest head with a small angle. Hit the ball with this club are not of the earth, and with special Tishka, which is set by the golfer;
Wood wood Golf club. The club is equipped with a large head and is designed for long-range strokes. As the name implies, before the head of the club was made of wood, but now the material for the manufacture, mainly serves as a titanium alloy. Cob wood is produced in most cases with low grass, sometimes with Tishka;
Golf club Hybrid hybrid putter that enables the bumps to the far and medium distances with high or low grass;
Iron Golf club iron is a Golf club with a metal head. Designed to perform strikes over medium or short distances. Equipped with a flat metal head. Blow this shell can run both high and low grass. The goal, as a rule, is the green zone, where the hole is located;
A Wedge Golf club is a club used to perform short-range kicks and knock the ball out of a sand “trap”. So, for knocking the ball out of the sand used a stick called sand-wage. And the blow should not be applied to the actual ball, and on the sand in front of him. But if you want the ball flying at a high trajectory a small distance, use the pitching wedge;
A putter is a putter that is required to perform a hit on a ball that is almost next to the hole.
Each of these groups may have several clubs, which are numbered. Between two consecutive numbers of shells there is a difference in the length of impact (is about 10 meters).

You can try out Golf clubs while enjoying a game of Golf at Strawberry Fields Golf Club.

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