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Golf club

So, You are already eager to play Golf, bought a beautiful glove and comfortable shoes? It’s a small matter, it remains to choose a quality stick. It is quite easy for a beginner to get lost in a huge variety of Golf clubs, and the outcome of the game can directly depend on the right equipment.

So what is a Golf club? It is a sports projectile in the form of a stick, the other end of which is bent. They are made of a wide variety of materials. The name of the types of clubs may refer to the material from which it is made. There are 29 types of sports equipment. The total number of clubs during the game of Golf should not be more than 14 per player.

The history of the putter

Before a huge variety of clubs in the sports world became the norm, she had to go through quite a lot of different deformations and changes. Since Golf was originally considered a game of Scottish shepherds who drove stones into rabbit holes, the club was then a wooden stick, and special properties do not require, as well as a certain kind. Many Royal decrees were issued prohibiting the game of” Gough”, as a huge amount of free time was spent on it. However, the game lived and developed. The first Golf club, as we represent it, also appeared in Scotland, where the first written rules of the game were developed and created, which regulated both the way of playing the game and the basic requirements for equipment. At that time, clubs were made mainly of wood. For many years Hickory has become the primary material for the handle, and Virginia persimmon was done of the bend, as this material had high strength and hardness.

After Golf started to use hard rubber balls, in 1850, appeared and metal sticks. Steel clubs appeared in the late 1890s, but they have long been disapproved of by the authorized sports authorities. Graphite began to be used for handles in the 1970s, as it is quite durable and at the same time has a small weight. The first “wood” type metal club was developed and released in the early 1980s, and eventually the metal completely replaced wood because of its strength and versatility.

Modern latest technologies allow today to produce incredibly convenient and versatile clubs. Often, the handle is made of graphite, and the hook is made of light, durable titanium, which due to its elasticity allowed to significantly increase the distance of the ball. Not so long ago, the us Golf Association introduced certain restrictions on this effect, limiting the recovery rate, in order not to lose interest in the game itself.

Types of clubs

Today, Golf clubs are made of various sizes, all kinds of materials, different types, colors, characteristics. For a quality game, the participant must have a lot of clubs of different types. Each putter is designed to make a specific impact. All clubs can be divided into groups. During the game, the first blows must have great strength to provide ball flight for maximum distance. To do this, use the so – called wood (wood-tree). The translation implies that the clubs of this type have large wooden heads. Today, this type is often made of titanium alloy. The larger the club, the shorter the handle and the greater the angle of the impact surface. Usually the game uses a three wood different numbers.

The following blows are designed to ensure the flight of the ball at different distances. This depends on how far and in what position the ball is relative to the hole. This requires the clubs of the group of iron (iron – iron). The hook of this type of club is flattened, and is made of metal. Typically, a set of irons consists of several instances from the third to the ninth room.

Wedges combines the type of irons for short kicks and knocking the ball out of the sand.

For those strokes where you need a high trajectory of the ball with the greatest accuracy, and the distance to the hole is not large, use a stick petching wedge (pitching wedge – wedge). This is iron’s putter, next in the set after No. 9. Her kick allows you to lift the ball up, while the angle of the impact surface can reach the clubs of this type 50-60 degrees.

In order to blow from the bunker with sand was carried out as efficiently as possible, use a stick sand wedge (sand – sand). It immediately follows patching vedam. This stick has a heavier sole, as well as a special shape that does not allow it to get stuck in the sand, and pass through it, because of the sand bunker ball is always knocked out with sand.

The final blow the player rolls the ball on the grass to get into the hole. To the last blow was the most effective, use a hockey stick Putter (putter – lay).

For the long range effort necessary stick type driver. It has the smallest angle of the head, as well as the longest handle, which allows you to knock the ball over long distances.

There are also clubs that combine some of the features of other different types. Hybrids often combine the streamlined shape of the irons and the force of the wood strike. This allows you to achieve a fast strong impact with maximum accuracy.

Within each group, all clubs have their own number. The club with a longer handle has a smaller number, and also provides movement of the ball to the maximum distance. Clubs with adjacent numbers have a difference in the length of strokes, which averages 10 meters.

The driver is often called the club wood No. 1, as it can be used to send the ball over a long distance. An experienced player can knock the ball over a distance of more than 300 meters. In different situations, the player can use different types of clubs, and in the course of the game can take up to 18 fields, alternately scoring balls in the holes.

There are also different types of clubs for women and children, which differ in less weight, as well as the length and circumference of the handle.
What should you pay attention to when choosing a club?

When the question is about buying a putter, you need to pay attention to many factors, such as the size, the flexibility of the stick, stem material, the presence of weighting, trademark, etc. if You are a beginner, try to try each model before you make a purchase.

The flexibility of the stick

Also, when choosing a club, it is necessary to pay attention not to its flexibility. This is the ability of the rod to bend when a force is applied during the swing. Swing and flexibility of the stick should correspond to each other. If this is not the case, then the surface of the club will distribute the blow incorrectly, which will lead to inaccuracy of the blow. There are five main types of stiffness:

– Normal;

– Rigid;

– Very tough;

– For the elderly;

– Women/children;

Very hard rod choose few, most often used female. In order to find the right flexibility for a stick, you need to determine the speed of swing and flight of the ball. Quite a large number of specialty stores offer such a service as fitting clubs. It consists in the fact that the player tries to perform a blow with different clubs, determined by the impact of different flexibility on the quality of the blow. Then you can decide what flexibility you need.


Clubs with weighted perimeter have additional weight, which is distributed on the outer edge of the front surface of the club-on the sole and toe. This additional weighting perfectly saves in a situation where the wrong shot is made. The extra weight makes the concussion smaller and carries most of the mass of the head in front of the ball, allowing for more accurate and long-range strikes. Today, most of the Golf clubs have a weighted perimeter.

Many players use in their practice weighting, it can help out in many situations. At the same time, buying a similar stick, it is necessary to know exactly where the weighting is located, as different manufacturers distribute it differently. This allows you to achieve high and low blows.

Stem material

Most often today for the production of rods for clubs using steel, or graphite. Graphite rods are more lightweight, however, not as strong as steel. Steel rods are heavier and stronger. This type of clubs is the most durable. Their surface is not covered with paint, so it is very difficult to scratch them, besides they are incredibly resistant to mechanical damage.


Today, a large number of different companies engaged in the manufacture of Golf clubs. Each brand has its own prices and characteristics for this sports equipment. For those who want to seriously engage in this sport, it is best to buy clubs of those firms that have the highest quality standards. The woods can be bought different brands, but the irons should be of the same brand. This will allow you to adjust your swing every time.


If you are a beginner and your technique is not well developed, it is recommended to purchase voodoo with a large angle of the impact surface (loft). The larger the loft, the easier it is to aim the ball high, which means a smoother flight. Accordingly, you should choose a driver with a loft of not less than 10 degrees and traversie rods not less than 17 degrees.

The world’s leading manufacturers of Golf clubs

A huge selection of Golf clubs offers today the market manufacturers. Choosing a certain brand, you choose a unique equipment, as the clubs of one company are very different from the same product of another manufacturer.

Today, there are many companies in the market of Golf clubs manufacturers. Among them:

Standard Golf

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Beginners on the Golf course are often lost, hearing from a partner incomprehensible word "steam".…


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