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The 50 sexiest women in professional Golf

Let’s be honest. Most guys are happy to watch Golf if they see beautiful women on the field, even if their appearance is brighter than their game. Here they are, 50 beauties in the professional Golf League.

50. Momoko Ueda
Playing Momono is not the only thing that can hold the public’s gaze…

49. Stacy Lewis
Stacy is incredibly good. This fact becomes even more valuable when you consider that in her spine is 5 screws and plastic.

48. Morgan Pressel
Morgan is a very good golfer. It is also very flexible, which is very valuable.

47. Nicole Perrot
A real mascot of the championship.

46. Carlie Butler
Carly is the first player on the list to be printed on the Australian women’s Golf calendar.

45. Sarah Kemp
Sarah says she ” likes to dress well on the Golf course.” It is worth noting that she does it.

44. Suzann Pettersen
One of the most famous golfers on the LPGA list, Susan is not afraid to show her beauty to the public.

43. Brittany Lincicome
Brittany is a bright young star on the LPGA tour. And, apparently, it will help to popularize Golf even more.

42. Paula Marti
Paula was one of the first European players determined to build a career.

41. Jenna Daniels
Jenna played Golf at the University of Arizona. And has established itself as one of the most beautiful and talented players on the tour.

40. Nikki Garrett
Nikki is not only a golfer but also a model, as you can see from these photos. And this is an undeniable bonus for her game.

39. Carling Coffing
Incredibly cheerful and cheerful girl. Frequent hero blogs and videos about Golf.

38. Minea Blomqvist
Minee put the lowest number of points in the history of major Championships. But her appearance wins the hearts of many fans of the sport.

37. Michelle Wie
Good golfer, beautiful, every day in stylish clothes and with a beautiful smile on her face.

36. Dana Lacey
If only all Golf cars had such beauties!

35. Nicole Hage
As you may have guessed, Nicole not only plays Golf as a professional, but also starred for various publications about Golf. A real model!

34. Stephanie Louden
Golfer, beautiful, mom! I can not believe that recently this fragile girl gave birth to a child.

33. Danielle Montgomery
Do not know how to clean Golf balls swimsuit – get! These are the girls in the professional League.

32. Valeria Ochoa
Valeria predicted great success in sports. And she rightfully won the hearts of many Golf lovers.

31. Maria Jose Uribe
Maria attended UCLA and was a star of the Amateur League.

30. Grace Park
Grace found incredible success on the LPGA.

29. Sophie Sandolo
More than just a pretty face, Sophie plays great. And for fun removed for annual calendars about sports.

28. Caroline Westrup
New to professional Golf, Caroline.

27. Sara Brown
Member of the LPGA Tour. In 2009, tried to retire, but after a year he returned.

26. Jeanne Cho
Beautiful athlete.

25. Anna Nordqvist
Tall blonde from Sweden. A real professional!

24. Kristina Tucker
Managed to mark not only Golf, but also in the movies.

23. Stacy Prammanasudh

22. Marousa Polias
Another pretty girl – golfer. Filmed for the Australian Golf calendar.

21. Carin Koch
Swedish golfer, playboy model and one of LPGA’s sexiest girls.

20. Cristie Kerr
One of the most famous golfers, a very strong player, an amazing girl.

19. Courtney Erdman
During tournaments, Courtney travels in a van with her husband.

18. Ashley Prange
Out of the game, but remained in the memory of many fans of the sport and its beauty.

17. Rochelle Miles
In 2009, this bright blonde declared herself in Golf and in the same year appeared in the Australian Golf calendar.

16. Megan Heckeroth
Suffers in the event of a defeat on the field.

15. Bridget Dwyer
Another golfer in the movies.

14. Paula Creamer
A lover of pink, a strong athlete, a participant in many tournaments.

13. Nicole Castrale
Sorry, guys, but she’s married.

12. Belinda Kerr
A real wrestler, building his career in Australian tournaments. And for us – a real beauty.

11. Nikki DiSanto
Not only masterfully plays Golf, but also starred in the movies.

10. Ryann O’toole
California athlete, bright star on the Golf course.

9. Perry Swenson
Texas athlete, model.

8. Crystal Fanning
One of the brightest athletes who starred for the Golf calendar.

7. Sandra Gal
New to the world of Golf, but has already won the hearts of fans.

6. Seema Sadekara
Her balls are not the highest, but what a beautiful smile!

5. Maria Verchenova
Maria claims that she likes to bring something special to her game on the field. We fully agree with that.

4. Blair O’neal
It is beautiful, both on the Golf course and on the podium.

3. Anna Rawson
She was a model before she got into the world of Golf.

2. Beatriz Recari
This Spaniard is good not only on the field!

1. Natalie Gulbis
She is perhaps one of the LPGA’s most popular golfers. Many men watch Golf to see her play.

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