"Who doesn't like it on land." Golf on the water
It would seem that all that could surprise the architects in terms of original projects of Golf courses, have already surprised. In the most unexpected corners of the world found…

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Coward doesn't play Golf. Ice the contest.
"A coward does not play Golf" -this is how the familiar phrase can now sound in a new way. And all because to play Golf on ice under force only…

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Golf club
So, You are already eager to play Golf, bought a beautiful glove and comfortable shoes? It's a small matter, it remains to choose a quality stick. It is quite easy…

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Equipment for the game

Every novice golfer faced the problem of choice. How not to make a mistake and not to spend too much. That’s what we’ll talk about today.

If you have not yet determined the importance of Golf in your life, we advise you not to buy equipment, but to rent it at your Golf club. If you decide to include Golf in your life for a long time, we advise you to listen to the following tips.

Golf club
The kit should be such sticks: three sticks “wood”(Driver), nine of clubs the “iron” and a putter “the putter”. The driver is the longest stick. Allows you to hit the ball for long distances. Beginners should give preference to the shorter of the drivers offered in the store.

Iron clubs (Irons) – the opposite of drivers. They are designed for short but accurate strokes.

And the most important for you will be putter stick (Putter). Allow you to perform the softest short strokes. This club is rightly considered the ” Queen of clubs.”

TIP: if you are a beginner, use gloves. They will protect hands from calluses and will help the inexperienced player to cope with a stick. Natural leather gloves are expensive and wear out quickly. At first, we recommend buying simple synthetic. They are cheaper and will last you longer.

Golf ball
In the packaging of the balls is traditionally 3 pieces. It is necessary to consult the seller before buying, as the balls are with different degrees of torsion.

Bags (bags) Golf course
There are 3 types of bags: Tour Bag, Cart Bag and Carry Bag. Tour Bag – the largest, roomy, made of leather. Cart Bags is used by those who drive Golf cars (maps). The perfect universal bag is Travel Golf Bag, it is easy to carry while playing.

Golf shoes
Pay attention to the grip of shoes with the ground. It is better if the shoes are slightly studded, which will provide you with better stability during the impact.

Golf clothes
Each Golf club has its own Charter and dress code, which should comply. Traditional Golf clothing includes Polo shirts, classic pants, discreet colors, and Golf shoes. Women are allowed to play in pants, shorts or a knee-length skirt. All golfers wear white socks.

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