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Golf is an amazing and very difficult sport. Not only that, the game has a huge number of techniques and terms, so also scoring is conducted in an unusual way. If in basketball, shooting or gymnastics, the more points an athlete scored, the better, then the opposite is true: for example, 80 is better than 95. What explains this and how to count points in Golf?

Par (E) – the number of strokes allotted to a certain hole.
Birdie-passing the hole one stroke less than par.
Needle – passing hole in two strokes less than par.
Albatross – passing hole three blow less (for holes with a par-5).
Boggy-passing the hole one stroke more than par. (Double, Triple and quadruple Bogey, respectively, the passage of the hole for two, three and four strokes more than par.
Handicap – the average numerical indicator based on statistics and showing the level of skill of the athlete. This option allows players of different levels to meet on equal terms. Also, a handicap can become a criterion for admission of an athlete to competitions and even certain Golf courses and act as a condition on the basis of which the player is assigned a sports category. The official system in Russia is the EGA Handicap System.
Flight-a group of athletes passing a Golf course together.
Just getting acquainted with the rules of Golf and the basics of the game, it is quite difficult for beginners to control the rounds and the passage of holes, taking into account all the nuances. Not to be mistaken, you can count points on the simplest system-recording the won and lost holes. Doing this is easy: you need to fix the number of strokes that the player and his opponent needed to score the ball, and the total number of all holes. For example, if player A needed 3 strokes to drive the ball into the hole, and player B needed 5 strokes, the winner is the one who spent the least number of strokes (i.e. 3). The winner will be determined by the sum of the won holes.

Scorecard-a card that records everything about the game: features of the Golf course, the number of holes, the player’s score and the result of the competition. After the match, the flight partners check each other’s records, certify the account cards with their signatures and marker autograph, and then pass them to the panel of judges. The account card reflects the entire course of the game, so you need to fill it carefully and thoroughly. For false information about the course of the match, a player may be disqualified.

Audit map audit map
The scoring system in the main formats of the game is based on the pair, which for each hole is determined separately depending on the length of the field, the terrain, the presence of obstacles and traps. The most common standard holes with par-3, 4 and 5. The standard course consists of 18 holes, and the total steam of the field is calculated by the sum of the vapors for each hole.

The combination of holes in STRAWBERRY FIELDS looks like this:

par-3-four holes;
par-4-ten holes;
par-5-four holes.
In the score card next to each hole is identified by its Par. When passing the field, the player must record the number of strokes that he needed to score the ball at each stage of the game.

Normally, an 18-hole field has a Par 72. The smaller the total amount of strokes in the player’s card, the closer he is to victory.

The final result of the game affects not only the accuracy of the athlete and the number of strokes, but also the presence of penalties. The penalty system in Golf provides penalties for violations of rules and etiquette from penalties to disqualification of the player.

With the same number of points for several players after the final round, a replay is held to determine the winner.

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