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Warm-up before the game

For a good game of Golf you need to monitor your physical shape. Since the game is associated with constant slopes, body turns, stretching muscles, it is better not to forget about the basic warm-up before the game. Of course, in the rules of Golf you will not see any mention of this. But most professionals still pay attention to their health to avoid injuries and sprains.

We have made an approximate set of exercises for all muscle groups that are involved in the game and need additional training.

Stretching for chest and shoulder muscles
Stand straight, back straight, legs shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. Join your hands in the lock behind your back and perform hand lifts until you feel pain. Make sure that the neck is not strained. Fix the movement of the hands at the top and bottom of the exercise for a few seconds.

Pay attention to the lower back
Lying on your back on the floor, grab your knees with both hands and pull them up to your chest. If you perform the exercise correctly, you will feel the tension of the muscles in the lumbar region. Stay in this position for 10-15 seconds.

Exercises for the legs
To strengthen and stretch the legs fit all the basic yoga exercises, squats, running.

No one will argue with the effectiveness of squats. Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, bend your knees and start squatting. You can use additional weights to weigh down. Squats on one leg: stand up straight, hands on your waist, one leg put on a chair. Do squats on the supporting leg. Watch your balance.

Lunges are also great help to develop legs. To do this, stand straight, step with one foot forward, and leave the other in the starting position. Slightly bend the leg, which is in front and sit down. Change your legs and repeat the exercise. You can use weights to increase efficiency.

For the calves of the legs you can do the exercise from the yoga “downward dog” or is this combination: sit on the floor, back straight, legs pull ahead. Stretch your hands to your feet. Don’t bend your knees! If stretching allows, grasp the toes of your feet and pull them gently towards you.

Warm up before each game or every day in the morning or evening to maintain body tone. Be healthy!

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