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How to spin the ball

Trimming the ball gives it a reverse spin. A clipped shot will give the ball a high trajectory and allow it to fly a longer distance. Also, the ball with a trim when falling to the ground will not roll on, and almost immediately stop. A few tips on how to spin the ball.

Explore the grass.
Make sure the grass is short enough. High grass will interfere with the spin of the ball.

Pick a ball.
Give preference to the ball with a soft coating. The ball with a hard coating are more difficult to tweak.

Select the stick.
Choose a club with a high rise. If possible, use LOB wedge or sand wedge. The greater the angle of the club, the higher the ball will fly.

Make sure that the surface of the club head is not worn and free of dirt. Take a new wedge or see a specialist to replace the head cover if it has worn off.

Position relative to the ball.
Stand with the ball near Your back foot.

Put your feet closer together than with a normal kick.

Get a stick high behind his back.

Hit the bottom of the ball. Make sure that the stick does not touch the ground before the ball.

After impact on earth should remain a long shallow footprint.

After hitting continue the Mach. Keep your wrists straight.


The number of lifts on the club indicates how vertically the head of the club is positioned. To understand what a rise is, imagine a line perpendicular to the ground. When during the shock stick came up with this line, the clubhead will deviate from a perpendicular line. The lifting of the club is the angle between the perpendicular line and the head of the club.
The ball can be given a lateral rotation. However, golfers usually try to avoid this. Because of the lateral rotation of the ball can go away from the goal.
The ideal angle of flight of the ball is 45 degrees. This angle will allow the ball to overcome the longest distance.

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