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There are two main game formats in Golf-match play and stroke play. The first is a match in which the basis of scoring are the holes, and the second – the competition on the score, where the number of strokes is fixed. Superficially similar, these formats imply different from each other and a system of fines. But in addition to the main types of game there are a lot of popular options for official and unofficial competitions.

This version of the game is a tournament between two teams that takes place during a predetermined round. Points are considered holes, where the winner is the team that drove the ball with less total shock. If by the end of the game one of the groups has more holes won than the Golf course has left, it is considered the winner. In this case, the position of the teams is determined based on the number of holes passed and missed.The position in which one of the teams has an advantage equal to the remaining holes is called Dormy. If the game is played with a handicap in mind, the team with the smallest “net” score wins.

Types of match play
In match play, there are several formats:

Single-a single match in which two players compete with each other.
Tris is a variant of a match play in which one athlete plays against two using one ball.
Force – a kind of match-play, in which the game is played in the format of “2/2” with one ball, and strikes are performed alternately.
TRIBOL-option, in which three stakeholder lead match, fighting with each other. In this case, each of the athletes holds two games with his one ball.
Bestball is a format of a game in which one athlete tries to beat the best results of two or three players.
Forball is a type of match play in which the game is played in a 2 vs 2 format, and the winner is determined based on the best results.
These varieties of Golf belong to the category of official.

In the scoring competition, the winner is the athlete who has played a predetermined round with a minimum number of strokes. When handicap is taken into account, the participant with the lowest “net” result obtained during the round becomes the best.

Formats stroke-play
In the competition, the score is allocated three options: boggy, par and Stableford. The score in the first two types is conducted as in a match game – on the passed holes. Each of the holes, where the participant did not show the desired result, is recognized as lost. As a result, the athlete who has passed the maximum number of holes with a positive result wins.

And in the Stableford format, the player with the most points wins. The calculation is performed as follows:

The contestant who hits the ball two or more times higher than the par gets 0 points.
At one “excess” blow the athlete receives 1 point.
The player who showed a result equal to a pair, assigns 2 points.
If a participant coped with the task in one hit less than a pair, he gets 3 points.
And so on increasing: the less strokes it took the athlete on the hole, the more points he earns.

No less famous boast informal versions of the competition – scramble, or Ambrose grins. Yes, and other species such as the pats, string, Chapman, of skins or flag tournament, quite popular and widespread.

How are they different?

In scramble, each member of a team consisting of 2, 3 or 4 members makes the first shot on each hole. The best result is determined by the athletes themselves and continue the game from the point where the ball was the best participant. The competition continues until the hole is played to the end.A variant of this format is the Texas scramble, in which both teams and individual athletes become winners.
Ambrose is similar to scramble, but with handicap and net count usage. To establish the “net” score of the group, the team handicap is subtracted from the total number of points, which is determined by the formula: the sum of the handicaps of all team members is divided by twice the number of athletes.
Skins – a variant of match play, in which each hole has a predetermined number of points or a certain amount of money. To get this “prize”, you need to show the best result on the hole. In the case where two or more players show the same maximum result, points and money are transferred to the next hole. And so until the end of the game. If in the final round several participants gain the same amount of points, the replay is carried out.
The greens is a kind forsome, in which both players in each team perform on the tee shot, then select best result in duets. The contestants whose ball was the worst perform all of the following even and odd shots on that hole, respectively.
The pats is a combination of formats. 18 holes the first 6 are in the form of Torbole, 6 in the second embodiment, greensome, and the final 6 in the form of forsome.
Chapman, aka Pinehurst, is a variant of phorbol in which both players make a tee shot one ball, then change position and kick another ball. Choosing one ball, which they have to play the whole round, they determine the position and beat alternately before rolling into the hole.
Each of the Golf formats has its own rules and penalties for violations.

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