Test yourself: the 10 hardest Golf courses from GolfNow
With the new year and Christmas holidays, it's easy to forget about Golf, focusing instead…

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In this sport, players are spared even having to carry their own equipment. But some…

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Greece. Games of the gods
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Golf lessons and techniques

Lesson 1. How to hold a stick
The basis of the technique of Golf is the contact of the hand with the club (grip or grip). The right grip will increase the effectiveness of strikes and the effectiveness of the game as a whole.

There are three types of grip:

the overlap (overlap);
lock (interlock);
baseball grip (baseball grip).
The most common is overlap. The grip of the club should be as if you are right-handed, but greet someone with your left hand. Start the grip with your left hand. Continue reading

Golf is what the doctor ordered!

The positive impact of sport on the physical condition of man was recognized in the days of Ancient Rome and Greece. However, the first scientific research in this area can be attributed only to 1950. By the end of the 20th century, scientists have traced a direct link between physical education and improved performance in chronic problems of cardiology, overweight, diabetes, hypertension, Oncology, osteoporosis and depression.

Among the many areas in the sport, Golf takes its rightful place as a Wellness type of physical activity. The solidity and credibility of this game do not go to any comparison with indicators of the medical research University Karolinska. 300,000 players took part in the experiment, and the results were more than optimistic. Continue reading

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