How to hold a Golf club
There are three main ways to hold a Golf club. Choose the most comfortable technique…

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Golf lessons and techniques
Lesson 1. How to hold a stick The basis of the technique of Golf is…

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Golf is what the doctor ordered!
The positive impact of sport on the physical condition of man was recognized in the…

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low-altitude flights

Golf lessons and techniques

Lesson 1. How to hold a stick
The basis of the technique of Golf is the contact of the hand with the club (grip or grip). The right grip will increase the effectiveness of strikes and the effectiveness of the game as a whole.

There are three types of grip:

the overlap (overlap);
lock (interlock);
baseball grip (baseball grip).
The most common is overlap. The grip of the club should be as if you are right-handed, but greet someone with your left hand. Start the grip with your left hand. Continue reading

“Normal flight.” Golf in the air

Can the refined aristocrat, a lover of social pleasures in the depths of the soul to be desperate extreme, hungry for height and adrenaline? Yes it can! – say the participants of a unique competition in Golf in the air, which was held in the Moscow region.

The competition included 3 sports: helicopter, Golf and Polo. Players had to score a huge ball with a diameter of 1 m in improvised holes from a 5-meter height, while in a helicopter. As a stick used 4-meter bamboo stick with a hammer at the end. The weight of such unusual “instruments” amounted to only 5-6 kg, so for players of any danger and inconvenience it was not. All the action took place on a snow-covered field. Continue reading

Golf club
So, You are already eager to play Golf, bought a beautiful glove and comfortable shoes?…


If you have just started to learn Golf and do not yet know the rules,…


Lesson learned: playing in the wind
I love watching PGA Tour in Hawaii. Even though technically the season started a few…