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Golf is what the doctor ordered!

The positive impact of sport on the physical condition of man was recognized in the days of Ancient Rome and Greece. However, the first scientific research in this area can be attributed only to 1950. By the end of the 20th century, scientists have traced a direct link between physical education and improved performance in chronic problems of cardiology, overweight, diabetes, hypertension, Oncology, osteoporosis and depression.

Among the many areas in the sport, Golf takes its rightful place as a Wellness type of physical activity. The solidity and credibility of this game do not go to any comparison with indicators of the medical research University Karolinska. 300,000 players took part in the experiment, and the results were more than optimistic. Swedish scientists have concluded that golfers have a 40% lower risk of premature death than other people of the same age. Moreover, the lifespan of players can be added as much as 5 years.

The researchers noted that the result of the experiment did not surprise them, as a number of positive aspects in Golf are obvious. It’s no secret that staying in the fresh air and walking at a fast pace up to 7 km a day is very good for health. Also, the game promotes social connections and mental health. The undeniable beauty of Golf is that it benefits people of any gender, age and social group. But this is not all that the game is capable of.

Doctors from Sweden, Italy and the United States have discovered Golf as an incredibly effective method of treating down Syndrome – a disease associated with mental retardation. Golf therapy is actively used in most rehabilitation centers. A unique example of the productivity of such non-standard treatment was found in Italy. Amateur sports school “Golf is my passion” for 8 years rescues children and adults with autism, down syndrome and spasmodic syndrome. After studying the physical and mental abilities of novice athletes, they begin to play Golf. During the game, patients acquire the necessary skills, undergo rehabilitation, and most importantly, learn to communicate and adapt to society.

Particular attention is paid to mental health scientists in connection with the colors on the Golf course. Psychologists have long proven the influence of color on the emotional state of a person. Certain shades can cause anxiety, sadness, joy, or anger.

Before the eyes of the golfer’s mostly grass and sky, so two colors – green and blue, have the greatest impact on health.

Blue is classified as “passive” because it induces dreaminess, reduced emotional tension and activity.

looking at the sky, you can catch yourself feeling relaxed and peaceful. In this case, the nervous system calms down and increases the ability to work.

Green is recognized as the most favorable in the sense of psychological perception. According to scientists, it has a calming effect, as over millions of years of evolution, humanity has become accustomed to the color of the surrounding vegetation. Green Golf course increases sociability, susceptibility, has a positive effect on high blood pressure. Prolonged contemplation of the soft shade of green encourages a steady rise in performance.

And in the end, perhaps, importantly. If your motto is ” there is no limit to Perfection!”, the heroic health is not far off, because the more virtuoso the game, the greater the health effect.

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