Mini Golf was invented for women!
Playing mini Golf is much older than you think. The very first mini-Golf course was built back in 1867 in the Ladies ' club of St. Andrews. At that time,…

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Golf clothes in history
Today, men golfers prefer to wear Polo shirts with knitted collars paired with loose trousers or shorts. The head is covered with baseball caps or visors with logos of sponsors.…

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The 50 sexiest women in professional Golf
Let's be honest. Most guys are happy to watch Golf if they see beautiful women on the field, even if their appearance is brighter than their game. Here they are,…

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20 unwritten laws of Golf

LAW # 1: no matter how bad Your final blow, the worst is yet to come. This law doesn’t stop on the 18th hole because it has a supernatural tendency to extend to the entire tournament, the season, and ultimately the rest of life.

LAW # 2: your best game of Golf will follow immediately after the worst in Your life. The probability of this is directly proportional to the number of people You have told about your failure.

ACT No. 3: Brand new Golf balls are hydro-magnetic. Although this cannot be proven in the laboratory, it is a well – known fact-the higher the cost of a Golf ball, the more it is drawn to the water.

LAW # 4: a Golf Ball never bounces off a tree back into the game. If such a thing happened, then this tree violates the law of the universe, and it must be immediately cut down.

LAW # 5: Regardless of the reasons that caused the golfer to spoil the shot, all his partners should look at him at this moment or the wrath of the universe will fall upon them.

LAW No. 6: the higher the golfer’s handicap, the more competent he considers himself to be.

LAW # 7: Every par-three hole in the world secretly wants to insult the golfer. The shorter the hole, the greater the desire.

LAW # 8: 3-iron from above in bag is the most painful torture, known humanity.

ACT No. 9: all trees eat Golf balls.

LAW # 10: Sand lives. If that’s not the case, how do you explain that he’s constantly bothering you?

LAW No. 11: Fuel in a Golf cart always ends at the farthest corner of the course from the clubhouse.

LAW 12: the golfer who hits the ball in Your group is always bigger than any Of Your group. Conversely, the group You accidentally hit with the ball will necessarily consist of a bodybuilder, a professional wrestler, a convicted murderer and a commando – or other similar combination.

LAW # 13: all drivers belong demons.

ACT No. 14: Golf Balls from the same box tend to follow each other, especially off the field or into the water (See ACT No. 3).

LAW No. 15: Hard the wrong shot is a thing of awesome power and beauty.

LAW No. 16: the Expression “good leg” can usually be translated as “lousy putt”. In the same way,” bad luck “usually means”such an easy hit failed, loser.”

LAW 17: the Person You least want to lose to will always win.

LAW No. 18: the Last three holes in the game will automatically reduce Your score to what it really should be.

ACT No. 19: a Golfer must give up Golf at least twice a month.

ACT No. 20: all vows made on the Golf course must be counted only until sunset.

Coward doesn't play Golf. Ice the contest.
"A coward does not play Golf" -this is how the familiar phrase can now sound in a new way. And all because to play Golf on ice under force only…


How to hold a Golf club
There are three main ways to hold a Golf club. Choose the most comfortable technique for yourself. Any of the following methods will help you increase the accuracy and range…


When a beginner golfer learns the theory and practice the technique of movements, he wants to fully play Golf-try yourself on the field. It should be understood that each Golf…