Golf clothes in history
Today, men golfers prefer to wear Polo shirts with knitted collars paired with loose trousers…

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When a beginner golfer learns the theory and practice the technique of movements, he wants…

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Golf is an amazing and very difficult sport. Not only that, the game has a…

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climate change

Golf for the blind

Golf for the blind is strictly governed by the rules of the Royal and Ancient Golf club, St Golf club. Andrews and the United States Golf Association. They issued a ” Modification of the rules of Golf for Golfers with Disabilities.” These rules allow the coach or assistant blind golfer to be near him on the line of impact without penalty. Each player has a sighted coach / assistant describing the position of the hole, helping with the selection of the club and ensuring that the head of the club is directly behind the ball. After all necessary directions blind golfer makes shot.

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20 unwritten laws of Golf

LAW # 1: no matter how bad Your final blow, the worst is yet to come. This law doesn’t stop on the 18th hole because it has a supernatural tendency to extend to the entire tournament, the season, and ultimately the rest of life.

LAW # 2: your best game of Golf will follow immediately after the worst in Your life. The probability of this is directly proportional to the number of people You have told about your failure.

ACT No. 3: Brand new Golf balls are hydro-magnetic. Although this cannot be proven in the laboratory, it is a well – known fact-the higher the cost of a Golf ball, the more it is drawn to the water.

LAW # 4: a Golf Ball never bounces off a tree back into the game. If such a thing happened, then this tree violates the law of the universe, and it must be immediately cut down. Continue reading

“Who doesn’t like it on land.” Golf on the water

It would seem that all that could surprise the architects in terms of original projects of Golf courses, have already surprised. In the most unexpected corners of the world found places chosen as the territory for the game. The imagination has nowhere to go. However, enterprising developers in search of an answer to the question “where else was there no fields?”, came to the original conclusion -” on the water.”

Thus, in the Maldives, in the Indian ocean, by 2015 it is planned to build the first ever Golf course on the water.

At first glance, it may seem that the project is too ambitious and daring in design. But the authors are convinced that its implementation will not harm the environment, as solar energy, which is abundant in the Maldives, will be the main source of energy for the field. Continue reading

There are two main game formats in Golf-match play and stroke play. The first is…


Beginners on the Golf course are often lost, hearing from a partner incomprehensible word "steam".…


India. Golf with obstacles
If at the mention of India, you have the idea that there sings and dances…