Golf clothes in history
Today, men golfers prefer to wear Polo shirts with knitted collars paired with loose trousers or shorts. The head is covered with baseball caps or visors with logos of sponsors.…

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Coward doesn't play Golf. Ice the contest.
"A coward does not play Golf" -this is how the familiar phrase can now sound in a new way. And all because to play Golf on ice under force only…

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Equipment for the game
Every novice golfer faced the problem of choice. How not to make a mistake and not to spend too much. That's what we'll talk about today. If you have not…

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15 things every golfer hates

In this sport, players are spared even having to carry their own equipment. But some aspects of Golf can cause serious annoyance. We offer a look at the list of the most unloved moments in the game.

1. Torn grass on the field and people who do not replace it.
All clear without words that the golfers involved in the “murder” of the lawn, when they make another bad shot and pieces of grass from the ground flying in all directions. But they should be replaced in time.

2. Unsolicited advice.
Every golfer knows about loosening the grip and how to hold their head, so leave them alone and let them make terrible mistakes. Keep your advice to yourself.

3. People who pose as “spider-man” before striking.
Believe me, it doesn’t look good.

4. Dug uneven sand “bunkers”.
Do not be fooled-sand traps are included in the design of the Golf course with only one purpose – to bring the golfer out of himself! So why create additional complexity? Smooth sand in the bunker – it’s not bad, but why design them so that the players begin to rave and reach madness, when you have to make blow after blow and roll the ball out of the sand.

5. Players who can not calmly accept the loss of the ball.
Honey, the ball’s gone, deal with it. You’ve got a whole box of other balls just for the occasion.

6. Too slow game.
It’s a little embarrassing to be upset by golfers who play too slow. On the other hand, if you wanted to play a fast game, you should have chosen basketball. Still, waiting half an hour between strikes can be exhausting.

7. People who speak on a mobile phone.
Face it, everyone knows you’re a rich and important person, just from what you can afford to play Golf. You don’t need to make an extra impression by taking business calls while everyone else is trying to focus on the game.

8. Angry golfers.
You play Golf – it’s a kind of sports solitaire. It is not necessary to show his tantrum after each unsuccessful shot.

9. Talkative players.
If you’re a good player, you don’t have to shout it out to people. And if you are not very strong, you should keep your mouth shut anyway.

10. Ill-mannered golfers on Golf machines.
There are certain unwritten rules regarding the use of karts (Golf machines). And given that they’re unwritten, you don’t always know what they are. Hope, your friends golfers will help you deal in this topic.

11. Artillery attack of Golf balls.
Golf is the only game that uses balls as hard as concrete and small enough to knock out an eye. So do not aim the ball into the stratosphere while other unprotected players (or spectators) walk nearby.

12. Too idle players.
Let’s be clear about this. You hit the ball and hit the hole. HURRAY! Congratulate. Now we can move on. Don’t make a show of every lucky hit.

13. People who claim to go to the wrong clubs.
Choosing a good Golf club is only half the game. Do your homework-play, practice, so you don’t have to name clubs.

14. Players who don’t wait their turn.
Unpleasant enough to make the shot when someone is standing over your soul. And if you are in such a hurry to play – just ask and you will miss out of turn. Observe the rules of decency.

15. Things left on the field after the game.
Didn’t mom ever teach you guys to take your toys? Do not forget to pick up clubs and other things from the field at the end of the game.

General concepts of etiquette in Golf
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