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25 fun facts about Golf

Golf is one of the oldest sports in the world, so its history is rich and varied. Although there is debate about the origin of Golf, this game has undoubtedly left a deep imprint on modern society.

In memory of the past and present of Golf, we have compiled a list of the top 25 most unusual, frightening and just strange facts. Enjoy!

1) breaking stereotypes – Long before Annika Sorenstem’s participation in the Bank of Colonial America in 2003, babe Zeharias became the first – and only – female golfer to qualify for the flagship PGA professional men’s Golf tour with a score of 76 and 81 during the first two rounds at the Los Angeles Open In 1945.

2) need a break – One of the most popular actors in the world, Samuel L. Jackson, is also an avid golfer. In contracts stars films “Pulp fiction” and “Django unchained” usually is specified point, according to which him during shooting process 2 times in week allocate time for game in Golf.

3) fortune Teller? – Even before the start of the Masters tournament in 1957, Doug Ford not only predicted his victory, but also his winning score – 283. Is Ford a distant relative of Nostradamus?

4) Almost impossible – do you think there is nothing cooler than howl-in-one? What about two in one round? It recently made Kassandra Komma from the University of Oakland house, recording two results on nine holes. But chances repeat such incredibly low – one to 64 million!

5) Plop! – Every year about 125,000 balls fall into the water around the 17th green at the world famous TPC Sawgrass field. During the Players Championship 2013, 44 balls went into the water. Two of them received wide publicity in the media: trying to win the Players Championship for the second time, Sergio Garcia recorded a quadruple boggy on the 17th green, losing two goals and, in fact, a victory in the tournament.

6) Hidden right – handed-He may be the most famous left-handed golfer of all time, but by nature four-time champion Phil Michaelson is right-handed. As a boy, he stood in front of his father and repeated the blow. He liked the result so much that he was never listed in right-handed clubs.

7) the Grand final – the very first nationally televised Golf tournament, the 1953 world Golf championship, featured an incredible finish from Lew Warsham. After birdie Chandler Harper, Worsham drove the ball into the hole with a needle from 98 meters on the 72nd green.

8) the Mighty Condor-hole-in-one on par-3 is a rarity. And imagine a hole-in-one on the par-5! This rare strike, informally known as the Condor, was recorded only four times!

9) in any weather and even in snow – Dwight Eisenhower. John F. Kennedy. Barack Obama. Here are just a few Golf-related presidents. But Woodrow Wilson is often forgotten. He was so keen on Golf that he played even in the snow – black balls!

10) moonwalk – to This day Golf is one of two sports, along with javelin throwing, in which a person played on the moon. On February 6, 1971, astronaut Alan Shepard struck the ball with his stick on the surface of the moon during the Apollo 14 expedition. The first time, he simply missed the ball with his stick, but the second time, due to the weak lunar gravity and lack of atmosphere, the ball flew several kilometers and was lost for further play.

11) Golf Power – Millions of fans love it for the beauty of the voice. But singer Celine Dion is also a Golf fan and has her own track, Terrebonne, at Le Mirage Golf club in Quebec.

12) Age is only numbers in the passport – You’ve Probably heard similar stories. You may even have seen it with your own eyes. The 90-year-old golfer scores 90 in consecutive rounds. 66 strokes in the 66 th birthday women golfers. But nothing compares with Kermit Dannel, who played 1,138 rounds. His example shows that age really does not matter.

13) Outlawed – since 1457, the national Parliament of Scotland has banned Golf throughout the country. The government believed that the sport was related to the military training of residents. This prohibition was repeated twice more – in 1471 and 1491. Almost 300 years later, the St. Andrews Golf club was founded.

14) birdie – in Atlantic city, new Jersey, in 1889, AB Smith performed a hit that He dubbed “bird flight”(“bird of a shot”). This expression eventually led to one of the most popular Golf terms golfers constantly aspire to – “birdie.”

15) T? Who needs them? “Long before tee came along, golfers had their first shot at a ball set on hand-made piles of sand. Everything changed with the invention of ti, which gained popularity in the 1920s.

16) walk in the fresh air – If You decide to go, instead of driving on a square, all 18 holes, you will overcome about 6.5 kilometers and burn 2,000 calories. By comparison, golfers using Kars burn approximately 1,300 calories.

17) Prepare 100-dollar bills – $ 500 – that’s how much one round for 18 holes on Shadow Creek field in Las Vegas costs. It is the most expensive public Golf course in the United States and is frequented by celebrities playing Golf. Designed by Tom Fazio, the course is regularly ranked in the top 100 of America’s best public Golf courses by Golf Digest.

18) Quick round – Alice Miller currently holds the LPGA Tour record for the fastest round, passing 18 holes in 1 hour, 26 minutes and 44 seconds. The record was set during the final round of the Welsh Championship in 1997.

19) A true fan of Golf-from January 1 to December 31, 2010, Richard Lewis set an unprecedented record for the number of holes played in one year – 11,000! He played every hole in Irving, Texas.

20) here’s johnny! – Internationally known as johnny Carson’s attractive sidekick, ed McMahon also hosted the PGA Tour from 1975 to 1979. The Ed McMahon–Jaycees Quad Cities Open, today known as the John Deere Classic, featured celebrities such as Jerry Lewis and Bob hope.

21) Turkeys and cattle – during world war II, the national Golf club in Augusta, Maine, was closed for three years and grazed cattle and turkeys to support the war effort. For the first time after the war, the Masters tournament was held in 1946. This year, Herman Keyser won his only major championship, beating Ben Hogan by one stroke.

22.) Don’t forget a warm jacket – an Integral part of the annual toonik Tyme festival in Northern Canada is the nine-hole Golf tournament. Golfers play on a layer of ice at temperatures well below zero with fluorescent balls to avoid losing them in the snow.

23) that’s the kick – Bob cook holds the record for the longest recorded putt during the tournament. In 1976 International Fourball Pro Am tournament his ball crossed 42,75 meters and got to the 18th hole of St. Andrews.

24) Winning over the years-Sam Snead has become a Golf legend, thanks to 82 PGA tournament wins, seven major Championships and his longevity. But he’s also the only male golfer to have won LPGA tournaments, including the 1962 Royal Poinciana Plaza Invitational.

25) No training – “a Cinderella Story. Out of nowhere. The former Golf course caretaker is now set to become the Masters champion.” The iconic American Comedy “Golf club” has long been dismantled into quotes. One of the audience’s favorite moments is the scene when bill Murray’s hero dreams of winning the Masters by knocking down flowers in the garden. Incredibly, the entire legendary scene was a complete improvisation by Murray.

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