Although Golf is a fairly democratic sport, it has its own regulations, including a number…

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15 things every golfer hates
In this sport, players are spared even having to carry their own equipment. But some…

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Golf for the blind
Golf for the blind is strictly governed by the rules of the Royal and Ancient…

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Mini Golf rules

Brief overview

As a rule, mini Golf is popular with those who are looking for entertainment in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. It also exists as a more serious competitive sport in various professional leagues. And there are a lot of families, teenagers and couples around the world playing like Golf experts.

Preparing for the game

To play mini Golf you do not need anything supernatural. All you need is clubs and balls, which are always in abundance on any mini-Golf course. Each site is unique and not like the others. This applies to the design and location of the holes on the field. Continue reading

Greece. Games of the gods

Sun, sea, wine, Sirtaki … and Golf. This unexpected detail now complements the usual view of Greece. The history of Golf supposedly has Scottish roots, and this is one of the unfortunate misunderstandings that separate Greece from the title of “the birthplace of sports of the whole universe.” After all, the game is truly noble and worthy of praise of the gods of Olympus. However, modern Greeks are not upset and succeed in Golf no less than his ancestors.

Upscale landscaped fields are near Athens, the Islands, the Peloponnese. Their construction took place at the latest stage in the history of Greece, so compliance with the highest standards is not in doubt. For example, the project of the Golf course Dunes Course, located in Costa Navarino, belongs to Bernhard Langer-captain of the team at the Ryder Cup, two-time champion of the tournament US Masters. Continue reading


When a beginner golfer learns the theory and practice the technique of movements, he wants to fully play Golf-try yourself on the field.

It should be understood that each Golf course is a unique area with a thoughtful and perfectly organized landscape, including areas with grass of different lengths, trees, shrubs, ponds, sand holes and other elements of landscape design.

There are two types of fields:

Natural, unique corners of nature, mainly located on the coasts; Continue reading

Golf for the sake of survival
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Equipment for the game
Every novice golfer faced the problem of choice. How not to make a mistake and…


If you have just started to learn Golf and do not yet know the rules,…