20 unwritten laws of Golf
LAW # 1: no matter how bad Your final blow, the worst is yet to…

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10 unique mini Golf courses in history
Mini Golf is not just miniature Golf. Sure, it follows from the name, but a…

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Although Golf is a fairly democratic sport, it has its own regulations, including a number…

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The 50 sexiest women in professional Golf

Let’s be honest. Most guys are happy to watch Golf if they see beautiful women on the field, even if their appearance is brighter than their game. Here they are, 50 beauties in the professional Golf League.

50. Momoko Ueda
Playing Momono is not the only thing that can hold the public’s gaze…

49. Stacy Lewis
Stacy is incredibly good. This fact becomes even more valuable when you consider that in her spine is 5 screws and plastic.

48. Morgan Pressel
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10 unique mini Golf courses in history

Mini Golf is not just miniature Golf. Sure, it follows from the name, but a few rounds of mini Golf can be something much more than just batting a ball off an artificial green carpet.

There is a mini Golf that can take you and your family to completely different worlds. What other sports will take you through different countries, pirate bays or worlds full of dinosaurs? The best Golf playgrounds combine the pleasure of playing Golf and a complete immersion in the atmosphere of the new world. Here are some of the most interesting mini Golf courses ever made by man. Continue reading

How to choose a Golf club online

Shopping online can be a great way to purchase the putter You’ve always wanted at the best price. But be careful, not all the gold that glitters. Here are some tips to help you with this.

Choosing a club in an online store can significantly expand the range, and you can save compared to buying a club in a professional store. But You must understand the risk of such purchases. The network is full of crooks and scammers, deceiving people every day. But You can have problems even with stores with a good reputation. A Golf club is an individual thing. So do not buy the first caught the eye inventory, take a little time for a deeper search to avoid disappointment from the purchase.
You have to know exactly what kind of stick you want. It is best to go to a local golfer shop and pick up the club that suits you best. Most of these stores will provide free advice and advise the most suitable type of handle, flexibility, angle and length of the stick. Continue reading

Coward doesn't play Golf. Ice the contest.
"A coward does not play Golf" -this is how the familiar phrase can now sound…


India. Golf with obstacles
If at the mention of India, you have the idea that there sings and dances…


How to hold a Golf club
There are three main ways to hold a Golf club. Choose the most comfortable technique…