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Equipment for the game
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Golf for the blind
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10 unique mini Golf courses in history

Mini Golf is not just miniature Golf. Sure, it follows from the name, but a few rounds of mini Golf can be something much more than just batting a ball off an artificial green carpet.

There is a mini Golf that can take you and your family to completely different worlds. What other sports will take you through different countries, pirate bays or worlds full of dinosaurs? The best Golf playgrounds combine the pleasure of playing Golf and a complete immersion in the atmosphere of the new world. Here are some of the most interesting mini Golf courses ever made by man.

“Around the world for 18 holes”, lake George, new York

Near lake George you can encounter a unique phenomenon in the world of mini Golf-a Golf course ” Around the world for 18 holes.” Here you can play American Golf or take a tour around the world, as well as visit such fascinating places as Europe and the far East, with each exotic place reduced for the convenience of you and your game. You will become a world tourist in a short time.

Camelot Golfland, Anaheim, California

If you happen to find yourself in Anaheim, California, you should definitely play mini Golf at Camelot Golfland. This theme Park offers all kinds of attractions, including several variations of mini Golf. Here you can guide your Golf ball past Spanish castles, large windmills and wild jungles. There are grounds for different skill levels, so that every member of your family, able to hold a stick in his hand, will be able to participate in the game.

“Pirate island Golf”, new Jersey

There are three centers called “Pirate Golf Islands”, down from Jersey shore. If you want to be surrounded by pirate lore, wooden ships, tough water obstacles and suspension bridges, then an 18-hole game in one of the few places “Pirate Island Golf” will be for you what the doctor – or in this case, the captain of the pirates – ordered.

“Prehistoric Golf,” Ocean City, Maryland

Pull to the Jurassic period and dinosaurs? Then how about a few rounds of Golf in a similar environment? “Prehistoric Golf” is one of the many themed Golf courses in the Old Pro Mini Golf chain in Ocean City. Believe me, in this Park everyone will find an incredible adventure and exciting game!

Park traverse Bay, FL

Pirates and mini Golf seem to go hand in hand. At least the people running Pirate Bay in a few places in Florida seem to think so. Waterfalls, tropical scenery, hidden coves, pirate ships and real alligators (no joke ) will be part of your company while you try to make your best shot. Of course, if you do accidentally drive the ball inside the gaping mouth of an alligator, you’ll probably want to just leave it there and continue playing until the end.

“Disney winter summer Park”, Orlando, Florida

If anyone can make mini Golf interesting, it’s Disney. Park “Disney winter” from Disney combines two mini-Golf games (for experienced and novice players to choose from). You can choose for your game winter or summer theme. The symbols of the winter part of the Park are castles that look like icicles welcoming you in the first instance, while sand and Sunny motifs will guide you through the summer Playground. A couple of rounds in this Park is a great way to relax and enjoy playing Orlando.

Lexington ice center, Kentucky

If you are a fan of biblical stories, you will appreciate the “Lexington ice center” for a game of mini Golf. The whole Park is made in the biblical theme. It’s worth seeing!

“Putting Edge Fun Center”, in various locations (USA and Canada)

“Putting Edge Fun Center” centers are scattered throughout the United States and Canada. If you want to play mini Golf in the dark, the best place you can not find. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to make the perfect pitch, even without a lot of light, because everything in “Putting Edge Fun Center” glows in the dark.

“Volcano Island mini Golf”, Orlando, Florida

For a while, the “Volcano Island Mini Golf” was in a quandary, but with the new management, the Park revived considerably. You can play Golf under a volcanic eruption, and in the presence of dinosaurs and waterfalls. If you want to test yourself surrounded by fiery volcanoes and this atmosphere you like, the “Mini Golf Volcano Island”, should not disappoint you. Just make sure you keep an eye on this huge Brontosaurus!

Park “Parking Roller Coaster Golf”, Illinois

For those of you who want to test your Golf skills, and loves to solve many ingenious tasks and obstacles, open “Par-king Roller Coaster Golf”. There are moving clowns, water traps, bridges, the Statue of Liberty (slightly smaller than the original) and many other obstacles that will prevent you from making a quality hit.

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