India. Golf with obstacles
If at the mention of India, you have the idea that there sings and dances…

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Golf clothes in history
Today, men golfers prefer to wear Polo shirts with knitted collars paired with loose trousers…

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If you have just started to learn Golf and do not yet know the rules,…

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15 things every golfer hates

In this sport, players are spared even having to carry their own equipment. But some aspects of Golf can cause serious annoyance. We offer a look at the list of the most unloved moments in the game.

1. Torn grass on the field and people who do not replace it.
All clear without words that the golfers involved in the “murder” of the lawn, when they make another bad shot and pieces of grass from the ground flying in all directions. But they should be replaced in time.

2. Unsolicited advice.
Every golfer knows about loosening the grip and how to hold their head, so leave them alone and let them make terrible mistakes. Keep your advice to yourself. Continue reading

Fun facts about mini Golf

Golf is one of the few sports in the world where playgrounds are so unusual. Every Golf course in the world is unique and no two can be the same. Miniature Golf courses are as unusual as traditional Golf courses. Mini Golf is an entertaining game derived from the usual classic Golf. Back in the 1960s, social norms gave women the right to play the sport, so mini Golf was invented for girls to enjoy the less aggressive part of the game. In the second part of the twentieth century, parks began to appear with windmills, fun characters, and hilly colorful landscapes to popularize the game and attract people. With this and began a craze mini-Golf. Continue reading

Thailand. Exotic Golf

Thailand – a country known not only for its fabulous exotic, but also numerous Golf courses: there are about 250. The country rightfully received the title of nice Golf.

Famous golfer tiger woods – half Thai, which once again proves a certain connection with Golf Thailand.

It should be noted that basically, Thai fields are no different from the fields in the Caribbean or Florida – they are all made in the “American style”. However, there are those that are located in unusual places. For example, SantiburiSamui Country Club, where golfers have fun playing at the foot of mountains or in the coconut groves. The charms of this exotic Golf appreciated and bill Clinton-the former President of the United States. Continue reading

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