A few decades ago, a golfer, preparing for the game, collected a weighty bag. He…

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Thailand. Exotic Golf
Thailand – a country known not only for its fabulous exotic, but also numerous Golf…

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India. Golf with obstacles
If at the mention of India, you have the idea that there sings and dances…

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Top 5 highest paid golfers

The profits of professional athletes have increased significantly over the past 20 years. The average player on the PGA Tour can earn a very comfortable life without even winning the tournament. For the highest-paid professional golfers, tournament fees represent only a small fraction of their income. They earn significantly more on business and transactions. For clarity, let’s look at the income of the highest paid professional players per year.

Tiger Woods
Does it surprise you that the Tiger is the biggest earner among Golf professionals? In fact, he is the highest paid professional athlete in any sport. Woods tops the list, earning about $ 70 million a year. Woods is the all-time leader on the PGA Tour and became the first dollar billionaire athlete in 2009. Continue reading

Test yourself: the 10 hardest Golf courses from GolfNow

With the new year and Christmas holidays, it’s easy to forget about Golf, focusing instead on decorating the Christmas tree, cooking and eating festive meals, and pleasant family moments.

But it’s also a great time to prepare for next season and set goals for yourself. For example, why not test yourself and play on one of the 10 courses that were rated by golfers as the most difficult. Challenge accepted?

1. Hammock beach-field Conservatory (palm coast, Florida)

7 110 m; par 72; slope: 150, rating: 78.2 Continue reading

India. Golf with obstacles

If at the mention of India, you have the idea that there sings and dances everything that by definition can not do it, believe me, this extraordinary country is fraught with much more unexpected surprises. Unlike a conventional tourist, Golf player will discover India with a very surprising side, as it’ll have incredible field: the oldest abroad UK Golf course, a maximum of highland worldwide, an 18-hole, fields in the deserts, on the shores of the sacred Ganges, in the Palace of the Maharajah and the backdrop of the majestic Taj Mahal. All Golf clubs have excellent transport links, and accommodation will satisfy the highest requirements. Continue reading

Japan. Golf-samurai
Master the art of ikebana and the skill of sword fighting, see the spectacular theater…


Golf is an amazing and very difficult sport. Not only that, the game has a…


How to spin the ball
Trimming the ball gives it a reverse spin. A clipped shot will give the ball…