Beginners on the Golf course are often lost, hearing from a partner incomprehensible word "steam". Why is a Golf hole marked "par-3" or "par-4" if you can just have fun?…

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If you have just started to learn Golf and do not yet know the rules, do not worry! The practical minimum coupled with club etiquette is usually stated on the…

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How to choose a Golf club online
Shopping online can be a great way to purchase the putter You've always wanted at the best price. But be careful, not all the gold that glitters. Here are some…

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Mini Golf rules

Brief overview

As a rule, mini Golf is popular with those who are looking for entertainment in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. It also exists as a more serious competitive sport in various professional leagues. And there are a lot of families, teenagers and couples around the world playing like Golf experts.

Preparing for the game

To play mini Golf you do not need anything supernatural. All you need is clubs and balls, which are always in abundance on any mini-Golf course. Each site is unique and not like the others. This applies to the design and location of the holes on the field. Continue reading

How to hold a Golf club

There are three main ways to hold a Golf club. Choose the most comfortable technique for yourself. Any of the following methods will help you increase the accuracy and range of impact. To find out which type of grip works best for You, follow these simple guidelines.

Method 1: Basic grip

The position of the stick. Place the end of the stick on the ground with the flat side of the ball you are going to hit. Continue reading

Japan. Golf-samurai

Master the art of ikebana and the skill of sword fighting, see the spectacular theater “Kabuki” and cherry blossoms… For this experience for countless years people from all over the world go to the land of the Rising Sun. Japan carefully preserves rich cultural traditions, while ahead in its development of most countries. It is a mistake to think that the Japanese only know what to wave a katana, cutting off all unnecessary, but to weave intricate patterns of flowers. A nation with samurai codes of honor could not fail to find a reflection of many of the principles of its philosophy in such a noble hobby as Golf.

Despite the fact that the emergence of the game is dated presumably XV century, in Japan it came much later – in 1901. Continue reading

Golf and its" not Chinese " ceremonies
Got an invitation to the round, but with Golf You're still on "You"? Well, at least you expect a fascinating observation on the sidelines for lovers of secular entertainment. If…


15 things every golfer hates
In this sport, players are spared even having to carry their own equipment. But some aspects of Golf can cause serious annoyance. We offer a look at the list of…


Thailand. Exotic Golf
Thailand – a country known not only for its fabulous exotic, but also numerous Golf courses: there are about 250. The country rightfully received the title of nice Golf. Famous…